Corporate Responsibility

Quality Assurance & Sustainable Development

H3C practices innovation in technology and adheres to strict quality management standards for its products. H3C guarantees continuous improvements in product quality and customer satisfaction through a globally recognized quality management system that always strives to:

· differentiate customer requirements;

· build quality products;

· provide consistent service to customers and partners;

· take full responsibility for product and service quality.

Caring about the Customer

Being a customer-centric company, H3C approaches problems from the customer's point of view and looks at ways to improve every process session, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and our corporate brand.

H3C has built an organization and mechanism to evaluate, review and improve customer demand fulfillment, as well as customer satisfaction. By means of survey, evaluation and analysis , H3C can consistently improve the quality of product and service, and quality management expertise, to bring more value to our customers.

Complete Quality Assurance and Workflow system

H3C is committed to improving its quality assurance and workflow systems through management advances and business innovations. It has introduced best practices in the industry such as integrated product development(IPD), integrated supply chain(ISC), market management(MM), quality management(QM),finance management(FM), human resources management and operation support. The entire system guarantees the delivery of long term benefits to the customer.

Quality Management System Certification




H3C has passed several third-party certification programs since its establishment. It is ISO 9001:2000 and TL9000 certified covering all H3C product and business areas. The QA systems were effectively maintained during the whole process of certification for H3C's business operations.

Environment Protection and Occupational Health

H3C is a leader in technology. At the same time, the company also pays special attention to environmental protection and our employees' occupational health. We have passed EHS certification and here are our guidelines:

· Environment-friendly design

· Production without pollution

· Health and safety

· Company-wide involvement in EHS management

· Continuous improvement

· Harmonious development

Environment-friendly Product Promotion

To make sure that our products comply with environmental standards and EHS requirements, H3C initiated the "Green Product" plan, covering all stages from R&D, procurement, manufacturing to customer service. The plan is fully supported by all H3C employees. The management team are responsible for deciding on the general direction and strategy of the company's environmental protection plan; the Department executive team draft and advance the green product plan before other team members implement the details.

H3C has always focused on designing and building products that are environmentally friendly. During the product development process, from concept to launch, H3C remains fully aware of the importance of protecting the environment. H3C aims to achieve the following objectives for all products: Environmentally friendly, quality improvement, effective and rational use of resources, and harmonious development.

International Standards and Regulations

H3C follows all relevant international standards, environment protection policies and regulations.

The company has also implemented ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards, which are widely recognized in the field of environmental management and occupational health and safety.

For products and product parts sold to the European market, H3C follows RoHS, WEEE and other EU regulations that mandate the recycling and restriction of hazardous materials in electric and electronic appliances.

Employee Protection

H3C has made great efforts to offer its employees a comfortable and safe working environment. H3C has set up an EHS Management Committee that is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the EHS system, which includes the monitoring of the working environment, employee's annual health check, and employee rights protection. Besides conducting internal reviews, H3C has also invited external authorities, such as DNV, to supervise internal work processes and to make sure that our employees have the best working environment and that H3C is meeting its occupational health and safety guarantee.

EHS Management System Certification

H3C has passed DNV certification and obtained the ISO 14001 Environment Management System and the OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certifications for its EHS management system.