H3C's Practices in Material Re-use and Recycling

Re-use and Recycling Design

As early as in the product design phase, H3C defines the target re-use and recycle rate, namely, calculates and sets the reusable and recyclable weight percentage of the product at the beginning of product design. Based on the re-use and recycle rate required by the WEEE directive, H3C actively explores new design ideas and methods and promotes modular and integrated design to reduce the use of dedicated components; parts containing hazardous substances are separately fixed to facilitate recycling and removing, thus to improve the re-use rate of products. In addition, while the product reliability is ensured, removable and easy-to-remove connection methods are used as much as possible in the product design so as to reduce product recycling cost and improve product recycling rate. To meet the recycling rate requirement set forth in the WEEE Directive, the parts weight collection and calculation work is completed in the process of product design.

Setting Up a Recycling Platform

By establishing a recycling platform and placing a deposit in Europe, H3C is to periodically declare product quantity as required by EU member countries, to undertake the recycling duties for part of its outdated legacies and all products in sale. so as to satisfy the requirements of the WEEE Directive. In Europe, H3C has an agreement with a pan-Europe recycling service provider INTERSEROH, which, on behalf of H3C, is to perform the duty of recycling. In Germany, H3C submits annually the sales and recycling data to the Elektro-Altgeraete Register Foundation (EAR), and the EAR inspects H3C’s compliance of WEEE Directive based on the actual sales condition and the feedbacks of the sales agents and customers.

Re-use and Recycling Guidance

H3C advocates the “re-use and recycling” product design concept, for environmental friendliness and energy saving. Further more, H3C develops recycling guidelines for products, providing manual of operation. The guideline provides clear positioning for the harmful substances in the products, and shows the ways of removal. The recycle mark is added onto the products, with the type of material indicated, to facilitate and guide the recycling work. As a responsible manufacturer, H3C well fulfills its responsibility of recycling and disposal of waste and outdated products.