Visual Identity

1.1 Logo picture and standard color


Download the logo


Logo in Red (national flag red)

C0 M100 Y100 K0
R:255 G:0 B:0

1.2 Forms of the logo picture

H3C's colorful logo        H3C's colorful reverse logo

H3C's single-color logo     H3C's single-color reverse logo

1.3 Logo scale relation and pane making specification



 Flag scale relation
The proportion of the width and height of this logo is 4:1.

Making of logo panes
Try to adopt the EPS format file of the logo to design and make the picture. However, when the electronic file cannot be used, refer to this pane making specification.

1.4 Safe space and minimum use specification of the logo




Safe space of the logo

The spaces at the four edges of the logo must be big enough to separate this logo from other flags, pictures, lines or letters.

The minimum reserved space of this logo is the width of "Y" in the letter H.
The definition of the minimum isolation area around the logo ensures the logo integrity and the maximum impact force. There should be no any letter, graphic, video element, line or picture in this isolation area.

Minimum use specification of the logo

To help people recognize the logo and avoid any illegible effect, the minimum use size is specified for the logo. The width of this logo cannot be smaller than 12mm.


2.1 Logo and Tagline

Download the logo with English Tagline

The stem width (Y) of the character H in H3C logo is defined as the leading between Logo and tagline as well as the top margin and left/right margin.
The guidelines of logo and tagline serve to improve the logo and tagline's overall appearance and readability.


2.2 Colour of the English Tagline

Please use K85 Grey for English tagline on white or light background. When logo measures less than 20mm in width, and contrast between background and tagline is small, use red logo with the following CMYK (C0 M100 Y100 K0). For background with a red hue use white logo instead.

Note: this combination embodies company value, and should be put in a conspicuous position of pamphlets, tote bags and other collaterals.