New H3C: The Leader in Digital Solutions

On 5th January 2018, New H3C Group, subsidiary of TSINGHUA Unigroup, announced the launch of its new brand positioning “The Leader in Digital Solutions”, and is committed to become our customers’ most trustworthy partner for their business innovation and digital transformation.

The impact of digital transformation is being felt across all industry sectors. Propelled by new technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence, various industries are facing new challenges brought about by digital transformation. In such an era, only digital solutions that integrate technological innovation, scenario-specific applications and wide ecosystem collaboration can unleash the force embedded in the digital economy, and open the door to a prosperous digital future.

“Shaping the Digital Future for a Better Life” – It is the future direction for information technology in this new era, and it is also New H3C’s new brand vision in order to thrive as a leader in digital solutions in the digital economy.

The Digital Transformation Mission

There exists different interpretations and definitions of digital transformation by various individuals and institutions. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management lists five strategic targets in its study of the digital transformation theme: improving customer experience, raising employee efficiency, encouraging innovation, making rapid decisions, and realizing business transformation.

Digital transformation is not something that could be accomplished overnight, it needs to be achieved through gradual progress of corporate culture, organization processes, business models and staff capability. Yu Yingtao, President and Chief Executive Officer of New H3C Group, believes that the ultimate goals of digital transformation are to realize increased efficiency, reduced costs and improved experience, thereby providing products or services that are of higher value. Digital transformation is not a simple exercise of IT upgrading or new IT solutions deployment, but is, via innovations driven by New IT, enables IT to emerge from the backstage to the center stage, from a closed system to an open one, and to achieve wins from individual efforts to integrated collaborations, thereby inspiring business innovations at all levels in a company.

In the new era of the digital economy, how could IT companies undertake their mission as leaders for digital transformation? A leader for digital transformation needs to be equipped with four types of leadership abilities: forward-looking thought-leadership, technology leadership, industry leadership and ecosystem leadership. Dedicated to become a leader in digital solutions, New H3C is well-endowed with each all of these abilities.

The Most Trustworthy Partner for Digital Transformation

Since its inception, New H3C has been unwavering in its commitment and mission to accelerate China’s industrial upgrading and support the development of China’s New Economy, via the power of New IT. As part of a small handful of digital solution providers in China that can provide the entire portfolio of foundation IT infrastructure, from computing, storage and networking, as well as the capability to provide solutions in Cloud Computing, Big Data, Network Security and IoT, New H3C provides its customers comprehensive digital solutions, as well as all-round services in consulting, technology support, applications and training, to support our customers’ business innovation. New H3C is the ideal partner for customers’ digital transformation journey.

Shaping the Digital Future for a Better Life

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China lists “a better life for people” as the priority target by the Chinese Government. Likewise, information communication technology, as a form of commonly-applied technology, can and should be leveraged to enable people to benefit from the fruits of the digital economy development.

The power of teamwork and integration has been utilized throughout the ages to combine the best essences that humankind has created, and drove historical development and civilization progression, and crafted the world as it is today. Currently, in this exciting era of digitalization, the fusion of new technology innovation in existing industries is changing the model of global economic development and people’s way of life. What we could expect for the future is that the power of fusion will further break away the existing boundaries of things, eliminate digital divides, and unleash the unlimited potential of technology and human ingenuity.

As the leader in digital solutions, New H3C will, through our own efforts and fusing that with our partners’, shape a colorful and prosperous digital future, so as to achieve a better life for the benefit of all.