Overview of Router

H3C, as the first company to launch China's narrow-band router in 1996, has input more than ten years on the market and in R & D investment. Nowadays, H3C owns one of the world's most complete router collections and the most comprehensive solutions. According to the latest survey, H3C low-end routers have cumulative sales of over one million units and have accumulated more than 30,000 units of high-end routers. High-end products are always a reflection of a company’s competitiveness and strength. H3C has a long tradition of providing 99.999% reliability at a "carrier level". The critical  components all has redundant design, including MPU, SFU fans, power supplies and much more which will be saved aside and ready to use when needed.

The completely independent Comware operating platform uses a distributed , flexible and modular based architecture, effectively MPLS, QoS, traffic engineering, multicast VPN, and many other techniques are perfectly integrated into  the platform. Combined with innovative fully distributed NP / multi-core architecture system, H3C MSR series routers provides the flexible and high performance,

MSR, a series of low-end routers, is the industry's first open application architecture of multi-service routers. N-BUS technology and Open Application Architecture (OAA) give enterprises the flexibility to expand their business, enabling the network’s high performance and robustness, deep integration of routing, switching, security, voice and wireless to achieve an all-in-one network experience.

H3C Router Comprehensive Portfolios

H3C CR16000-F Core Routers

H3C SR8800-F Core Routers

H3C SR8800

H3C SR6602-X Compact Aggregation Service Router

H3C MSR2600 Series Routers

H3C MSR 26 36 56 Routers

H3C MSR800 810 900-E 930 Router