• Overview of Switches

    After years of hard work and development, H3C has accumulated a large number of industry-leading intellectual property and patents in the Ethernet field. H3C offers the industry more than 10 series of hundreds of switches from the core to access. All products run H3C Comware with an unified command interface which simplified configuration and maximize product simplicity.

    To further reduce customers’ workload from IT maintenance and to allow them to focus on the implementation of IT strategy and deployment, H3C offers a comprehensive and innovative virtualization solution. One set of physical network resources can be virtualized as multiple logical networks, helping configure different security and management policies for different users.

    For data center applications, integration, virtualization and automation are the main three focuses of H3C. Security integration, network virtualization and automated management solutions are deployed in the Ethernet-based unified data center solutions. All of the above innovative solutions can maximize the utilization of network resources and greatly reduce user's investment.

    H3C, established in 2003, has sold two million switches in the China market. In 2010 Q4, H3C’s market share on switches rose to 36.4%. The company also ranks number one in their technical strength and sales volume in the industry. Widely deployed in different sectors, including government, operators, financial, educational, and medical institutions, H3C has become the preferred network infrastructure brand in the market. Besides the local market, H3C has expanded to the international market and their products and solutions are available in nearly 100 countries and regions with broad customer portfolios, including Vodafone, Samsung Electronics, the Brazilian Airport Authority, the Hawaii Department of Education, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, DreamWorks, SNCF, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Auchan Group and Sberbank of Russia.

    H3C Switch Comprehensive Portfolios

    H3C S12500 Series Switches

    H3C S10500X Series Switches

    H3C S10500 Series Switches

    H3C S9850 Cloud Ready Data Center High Density Switch Series

    H3C S9800 DataCenter Switches

    H3C S9500E Core Routing Switches

    H3C S7500X Series Switches

    H3C S6890 Cloud Ready Data Centre Intelligent Switch Series

    H3C S6800 DataCenter Intelligent Switch Series

    H3C S6850 Cloud Ready 25G Data Center Intelligent Switch Series

    H3C S6300 DataCenter 10G Access Switches

    H3C S5800S5820 Series Switches

    H3C S5820V2 Datacenter Switches

    H3C S5500-HI Series Switches

    H3C S5130-HI Series Switches

    H3C S5130S-HI Series Switches

    H3C S5130S-EI Series Switches

    H3C S7500Ev7 Series Switches

    H3C S6520X-EI HI Series Switches

    H3C S6520X-SI Next Generation Intelligent 10GE Ethernet Switch Series

    H3C S5560 High Performance Ethernet Switch

    H3C S5560X-EI series Ethernet switch

    H3C S5130-EI Series Switches

    H3C S5130S-EI Series Switches

    H3C S5120-SI Series Switches

    H3C S5500-EI Series Switches

    H3C S5150-EI Multi Gigabit High Performance Switch

    H3C S3600V2 Series Switches

    H3C S3100V3-EI Series Switches

    H3C IE4100 & IE4100-LI Series Switches