Introduction to Certification

  • H3C Certification caters to different demands of its customers and aims to provide overall, professional and authoritative network technology certification. Getting any level of H3C Certifications, you will be validated to be competent for corresponding task to keep you competitive in today's changing business environment.

  • H3C certification is China's first network technique certification system set up in accordance with the international standard. It is also the first enterprise of China to provide IT certification service to the global market. It has full intellectual property on its products and teaching materials. With powerful technical base it pays great attention to the promotion of the clients' techniques and capacities. Being a well known IT certification brand, H3C will help you to prove the network techniques and practical abilities you have and to maintain your strong competitive edge in the fierce competitions in your professional life. At present, there are over 100 authorized training centres and network schools in all of the big cities in China, and many authorized training centres have been set up in countries and regions like Brazil, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Egypt, Dubai, Turkey and Moscow. The rich worldwide training resources can supply clients with large-scale and individualized training services of high quality. By the end of 2004, there are more than 25 thousand people who have received the training service in over ten countries and regions, and among them more than 10 thousand have got certificates.

  • H3C certification will stick to the principle of "being realistic and specialized, making use of what have been taught", cater to different requirements of the clients, and make continuous improvement of itself so as to make H3C certification a world known certification brand.

H3C Certification Core Predominance

  • Internationalized network technology certification Based on H3C network technology and products in the leading internationalized network technology, provide professional and authoritative network technology certification for worldwide customers.

  • Emphasizing application of network technology Partition of H3C certification level is based on the various situation of technology application. By learning and certifying of corresponding level, the customers not only can grasp general professional network technology, but also can be provided with network design, implementation and maintenance of corresponding scale.

  • Focus on enhancement of customer technology and skills Provide up to date network technology training materials, in which large amount of configuration illumination and operation flow being added; case teaching enhances deep understanding of network technology for customers; favourable experiment environment and sufficient practice chances make continuous enhancement of customer skills; plenty of practical configuration review in tests make certification as the criterion of evaluating customer technology level and professional skills.

Value and Profit Brought by H3C Certification

  • Obtaining H3C certification, you will gain the following profits:

  • Obtaining H3C certification indicates that you have entirely grasped the professional knowledge of network technology and your technology expert status, means that you have the ability of successfully realizing H3C network business solution for your organizations or customers.

  • Industry will acknowledge your network technology knowledge and understanding degree of H3C products and technology, which will be your successful basis of maintaining competing advantage and obtaining satisfied work.

  • Obtaining H3C certification, you will directly receive up to date technology and product information from H3C.

  • H3C certificated certificate will prove your H3C certificated expert status.

  • Obtaining H3C certification, you will have the opportunity of being invited to attend relative meetings, technology training and special treatment activities held by H3C worldwide

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