H3CSE – Routing and Switching

H3CSE Routing & Switching Certificate holders can prove they obtained the knowledge and skills of routing, switching, multicast, VPN, QoS, and basic security features, such as the deployment of the full range of the campus network, as well as their abilities to manage the complex network construction and management in greater china.

H3CSE Routing & Switching Certificate is eligible for:

  • Networking engineers in different industries and IT managers
  • High school and college students who are majors in computing
  • Networking enthusiasts who would like to understand the basics and technology of networking
  • People who want to become technical staff and salespeople in the telecommunication industry
  • Engineers of H3C’s agents
  • H3C’s certificated tutors
  • H3C staff working on networking product maintenance and operation

How to obtain H3CSE-Routing & Switching Certificate

Application process

1.Review the certification requirements

Applicants of the H3CSE Routing & Switching Certificate are required to hold a valid H3CNE Certificate

2.Complete the recommended training

Constructing Enterprise Level Switching Networks (V5.0)Course Outline
After completing this training program, you will be able to: Grasp the local switching network technology; Grasp the configuration of H3C switching products; Apply various technologies in the LAN environment.
Constructing Enterprise LevelRouting Networks (V5.0)Course Outline
After completing this training program, you will be able to: Grasp the working principles, configuration and troubleshooting of common network routing protocols; Grasp the import, policy control and configuration of common routing protocols; Understand the basic concepts of network security and common measures to ensure network security; Grasp the principles and configuration of implementing network security; Grasp the principles and configuration of VPN; Grasp the principles and configuration of network QoS; Grasp the basic concepts and configuration of IPV6.
Enterprise Level Network Solution Design (V5.0)Course Outline
After completing this training program, you will be able to: Design the network meeting customers’ requirements; Apply H3C equipment network design solutions.

3.About the exam requirement

will need to pass the below 3 exams to obtain the certificate: GB0-323 Constructing Enterprise-level Switching Networks GB0-283 Constructing Enterprise-level Routing Networks GB0-363 Designing Enterprise-level Networks

4.How to enroll for the exam

The exam for the H3CNE certification is arranged by Prometric. If you are interested in enrolling, please go to www.prometric.com.cn for the exam venue and enrollment procedures

5.Validity and re-certification

Candidates with valid H3CNE certificates who have passed 3 exams of H3CSE Routing & Switching will receive a H3CSE Routing & Switching Certificate issued by the H3C which is valid for 3 years. When the certificate expires, candidates need to retake the corresponding H3CSE Routing & Switching certification exam, or can obtain a higher level without the need for an advanced certificate (EG. H3CIE Routing & Switching).